I do my best to use certified vegan art supplies and products. I’m also human, and mistakes do happen occasionally. Below you’ll find a list of my most used supplies, which I use because I like them, and to my knowledge, no critters suffered in their creation. Please make sure to do your own research by contacting companies directly to inquire, if you want to be certain.

For adhesives, I almost exclusively use Elmer’s products. Yup. Good ol’ Elmer’s. 

Jackson’s Studio Synthetic Watercolour Brushes
Pro Arte Prolene Plus Watercolor Brushes
Da Vinci Watercolor Paint *via email with the  owner, all paints except those containing PBk6 and PBk9 are safe
Stonehenge Aqua Watercolor Paper when I’m feeling fancy
St Cuthbert’s Mill Millford Watercolor Paper when I’m feeling super fancy
For every day, and for cardmaking in particular, I use Canson, Strathmore, and Bockingford primarily. 

My favorite watercolor sketchbook is the Pentalic Aqua Journal