Fun with paper and glue.

I’ve never posted one of my art journal pages online. I’ve been art journaling for years, but I don’t know, I’ve just never shared a page.

Last night I started playing around with texture- gesso, thread, various paper elements- and this was where I left my work in progress:

When I came back to it, I wanted to add some color and interest, so I busted out some pan pastels and sprays. 

I really like how it turned out. It’s got this weird, vintagey, nautical, romantical vibe going on. 

So much texture! I love texture. I’m not sure you can see the shimmer in the team spray- but it really adds something special. 

I like the really imprecise (read: messy as hell) outlining and shading, and the additional texture from the glossy accents clear dots.

You can really see see the shimmer, and the variety of papery elements I used to make the background.

So, there you go. No fancy supplies, not a lot of embellishments- but I think it’s pretty darn nifty.


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